Hank Ballard & The Midnighters - 180gramm VINYL-LP - WaxTime Records

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Artikelnummer 80116090

Klassiker des Genres neu aufgelegt + 2 Bonus Tracks. Limitierte audiophile Edition. DMM-Mastering. 180 Gramm Virgin Vinyl.

  • Open Up The Back Door
  • Is Your Love For Real
  • In The Doorway Crying
  • Oh So Happy
  • Let ‘Em Roll
  • E Basta Cosi
  • Stay By My Side
  • The Twist
  • Daddy’s Little Baby
  • Partners For Life
  • What Made You Change Your Mind
  • Let Me Hold Your Hand
  • Early One Morning
  • Henry’s Got Flat Feet (Can’t Dance No More)

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