Social Responsibility

The world, our earth. Our living space.
What becomes of it is what we make of it.
Everyone can make their own contribution to make the most of it.

Climate-neutral shipping with DHL

With the DHL GoGreen shipping service
we make a sustainable contribution to climate protection.
Every parcel sent causes transport-related CO2e emissions.
The calculation of the costs arising from the transport per package
CO2e emissions are based on the specifications of ISO 14064
as well as their compensation external projects and internal measures.
The auditing and certification of the entire process by an external
Certification company is guaranteed.

Paper instead of plastic

We do not use plastic when packing your ordered items.
Thanks to paper tape, padding and filling material made of paper,
and paper bags, the shipping packaging can with a clear conscience
be put completely in the paper bin.

Perspective for children, instead of a gummy bear as a gift!

The famous gummy bear that we have been using for almost 20 years
attached to each shipment as a sweet gift, makes space for a special project.

We have a permanently sponsorship of 4 children in Uganda
and this support the valuable work of Kindernothilfe e. V.