Mobile Ethnic Minority - The House Of Tomorrow - VINYL-LP - SFA Distribution

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Artikelnummer 80116303

Aufmunternde Songs, beseelter Gesang, spirituelle Texte und ein kraftvoller, mitreissender, aufregender, pulsierender, grenzenlos verspielter Mix
aus Rock- und Folkstyle Gitarren, indischen Trommeln, psychedelischen Klangflächen, Harmonium, und ja, Didgeridoo und Bluesharp.

The House Of Tomorrow ist Mario Knapp aka Mobile Ethnic Minority's 11tes Studioalbum.
Seit 2011 produziert der Gitarrist und Sänger in seinem Münchener Studio Soloplatten und performed auch live als Ein-Mann-Orchester.
Er macht ausserdem Instrumental- und Ambient Musik.

The House Of Tomorrow very loosely visits the famous Beatles’ 1966 futuristic masterpiece ’Tomorrow Never Knows’ from their album Revolver, reflecting the thoughts and feelings I have today. I believe the seeds to build our house of tomorrow, the house we’re really meant to live in, are in us, and in all of us. Waiting to grow. * When I feel helpless and lost, too small to change things for the better, a word from guitarist Robert Fripp always comforts me and spurs me on: ‘We can’t govern the wind, but we can Raise A Sail’. * 
Almost A Love Song - it was magical, a gift from heaven. Letting go is hard to do. You have illumined my heart. * I shared some thoughts from my own rock’n’roll hippie adolescence with my new young friend Chloe (not that she had asked me to). After all, I believe there’s Too Many Good People for the bad guys to win. * 
The Healing - as a dear friend of mine wrote in his book: ‘We are not humans experiencing spiritual things, we are spiritual beings experiencing human things’. * 
When I look out the window in the morning with a cup of coffee and a cigarette in my hand, watching my neighbors do their thing in the trees, I say Good Morning Birds And Squirrels. * 
Make Some Lovin Noise - this one’s for all people fighting for freedom, equality, justice, the conservation of God’s creation - with dignity, kindness and love. Your weapons are indestructible. * 
The Traveler’s Tree grows in Madagascar. Its stems hold rainwater for thirsty travelers. It provides shade and gives strength on the way to new beginnings. Aren’t we all thirsty travelers? * - Mario

Uplifting songs, soulful singing, spiritual lyrics and a powerful, intoxicating, thrilling, pulsating, boundless and cheerful Mix of rock- and folk-style guitars, Indian drums, psychedelic sound layers, harmonium, and yes, didgeridoo and bluesharp. ‘..I hope these songs are power to the soul and will give you as much joy and ecstasy as I had making them. The pounding Indian drums were so exciting and such fun to play along and sing with, whether I sang very loud or very soft. They complemented my rock- and folk style of playing guitar and always reinforced the spiritual flavor of the lyrics. I don’t care about genres, cultural or religious borders, so using ingredients from different corners of the world was quite intended. It's kind of my own way of makin’ a Gospel album..’ Mario The House Of Tomorrow is Mario Knapp aka Mobile Ethnic Minority's 11th studio album. Since 2011, the guitarist and singer produces solo records in his Munich recording studio and even performes live as a one-man-orchestra. He also makes instrumental and ambient music.

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